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Arizona, New Mexico



Surrounded by powerful neighbors, Arizona and New Mexico found themselves in much the same position as the Outer Banks or Colorado, and took a similar route, declaring independence in July, 1930. Arixo has a unique economic opportunity: with isolationist Deseret and the lawless Disputed Territories to the north, and the armed borders of Mexico to the south, it is the only safe airspace for trade between Hollywood and all states east. While agriculturally weak, the tolls enforced on this trade and the mineral wealth of Arixo have made it moderately wealthy.

Foreign RelationsEdit

While Hollywood occasionally balks at the tolls Arixo imposes on its trade, they are far preferable to all other options, and so relations between the two nations remain largely friendly. Texas wishes to expand, of course, and Arixo watches it warily, but ultimately both are aware that Texas has less risky opportunities elsewhere, at least for now. The small border with Deseret is heavily watched by both sides, while the border with Free Colorado seems to gradually devolve into the latter's lawlessness as one gets closer to the Rockies. Arixo's most important border in many ways is with the Navajo Territory, which was ceded from what had been Arixo land. While militia forces do patrol the border, they are under strict orders to let Navajo forces come and go as they please, largely serving to keep outsiders out. This has maintained peace so far, but the various gangs moving into the mesas and canyons along the border threaten the status quo.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

Arixo has the largest representation of Suukya' Taawa outside of the three Native American-controlled countries, a factor which has also contributed to its positive relations with the Navajo Territory. Otherwise, occasional sages and Qigong adherents are found wandering the desert. The Banister School has expressed some interest in examining the ruins of the Ancient Pueblo Peoples, but thus far Suukya' Taawa and the Navajo Territory have opposed them, and Arixo follows suit.

Demographically, Arixo is overwhelmingly human and epesi. The land is too arid for most elves or gnomes to be interested in immigration. That said, while most dwarven immigrants to the Rockies have established themselves further north, the mines of Arixo are tempting an increasing number of dwarves to the southern end of the range.