When the US and Canada fell apart, many ex-military found roles in their local militias. Others joined pirate groups or outlaw clubs. Members of the Hounds took an altogether different path.

Founded in Boston in 1931, the founding members are all WW1 veterans, 4 Americans and 2 Canadians. While originally envisioned as a bodyguard and security service, they quickly found work as mercenary soldiers in the border skirmishes of the early 30s. Due to excellent leadership, the Hounds have expanded and now possess offices in the Atlantic Coalition, Empire State, ISA, Dixie, Maritime Provinces, Protectorate of Ontario, Arixo, and Pacifica. There are rumors that Hollywood refuses to work with them unless they cut all ties to Pacifica, although they are unsubstantiated. Texas, Deseret, Quebec, Lakota Territory, Five Tribes Territory, Navajo Territory, and the People's Collective all prefer to rely on their own patriots, of course, while French Louisiana and the Protectorate of the Outer Banks can hardly afford to muster their own militaries.

The Hounds are mercenaries in the purest sense, and having offices in several potentially conflicting nations seems to cause them no difficulty. Indeed, members of the organization are known to have fought on both sides in an early Atlantic Coalition-Maritime Provinces scuffle, and were well compensated for doing so. Accusations that the Hounds will rig fights for political or financial reasons have been dismissed by the group as jealous slander. As the Legion of the Damned eyes the growing market in North America, conflict between the two groups for contracts may be inevitable.