Disputed Western Territories





Alberta, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming



Largest City

Las Vegas



Not so much a country or state as a large no-man's land, the Disputed Western Territories are made up of what was left over after the Federal Government formally gave up on the dream of the union. Unwilling to join their neighbors, unwilling to work together, if anything, the natives of this area identify more by their individual town or region than the state they formerly lived in. Gangs and warlords arise, take over a chunk of land, and then are either taken apart from the inside or conquered by the next up-and-coming "militia." Any trade into or out of the Disputed Territories consists of gun, liquor, or both, and the area is known to have more guns per capita than anywhere else in the world.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The lack of any actual government limits what could be considered "foreign relations," though all of the Disputed Territories' neighbors lay claim to a piece of its pie (often overlapping). In effect, none have the combination of political will and military force to actually tame the territories, though Deseret comes closest. Hollywood and Pacifica are unlikely to move until they settle their squabble over what used to be Northern California, and Free Colorado and the Lakota Territory are frankly not very interested in expansion. For now, the People's Collective is more interested in maintaining the security of its border, but it is hard to say where the will of God will send their forces next.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

The lack of organization in the Disputed Western Territories extends to any magic present, though like many of its neighbors in the west, there are rumors of lone Qigong practitioners and paladins wandering the wastes upholding whatever they deem to be justice. Demographically, the area is largely human and epesi, but it is an increasingly popular hideout for runaways, outlaws, and exiles of all races.