In the southeastern section of Australia, Dregu sits nestled between Kipak to the north and Dezh to the west. A land struggling with the modern era, its decadent nobles stubbornly hold onto power and prestige despite their decreasing relevance. Dregu possesses both coal and iron, and has always vied with Dezh for control of the copper, silver and gold further west. More recently, tensions with Kipak are rising over the nearby oil basins.

Political StructureEdit

Dregu is organized as a series of feudal duchies and baronies in which the aristocracy owns almost all land, although some guild-controlled cities do exist. While the nobility used to consist of an elite warrior class which formed a major part of the military, over time, merchant-funded military units supplanted this. Due to their grip on land ownership, however, the aristocrats did not entirely lose their position. Clinging to their proud history, they have turned the trappings of war into cultural practices of deep social importance... within their class. Opulent hunts and two major forms of ritual dueling are common diversions amongst the upper class, who still view themselves as a powerful military force despite their lack of participation in actual endeavors against any foreign power.


Dregu follows the Eastern Pantheon, emphasizing the allosaurid Kogo (strength, war, hunting), the pterosaur Vika (sky and storms), and the ornithopod Pazif (the sun, messengers and travelers). While the commoners and merchants practice ocean burial like Kipak and Dezh, the elite reserve sky burial for themselves, believing that the souls of the most valiant are carried by the pterosaur's servants into a sky-paradise. They also largely dominate worship of the allosaurid, though non-noble military members of all stripes also pay it due respect. The church of the ornithopod controls an elite Courier's Guild renowned for its efficiency and secrecy - among their most expensive services, clients can hire a string of separate couriers for a job, with only one knowing the origin point and only one knowing the destination. (Zhadii with mobility-oriented tracks such as Acrobatic Adept, Dervish, and Discipline of the Crane often got their start in the Courier's Guild).

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