As humanoid civilizations have grown and become more complex, they've developed their own sort of nature and ecology of emotions, interactions, and psychological states. From these, the dusks arose. Goblins, living incarnations of human and dwarven greed, ogres born of brutishness, trolls created when hunger overwhelmed civilization, redcaps of pure malice. Dusks are a subset of fair folk, it is true, but don't ever mention this to their more primal counterparts, for their very existence is considered an insult by the natural spirits of the world. Some dusks can be tricked into service or bargained with, but by and large they are so overwhelmed by their nature as to be barely individual entities, more servants of their originating emotion. Why dusks born of positive emotions are rarely, if ever, encountered is not fully understood, though many cynical commentators blame it on the rarity of these emotions being sincerely felt by any humanoid outside of storybooks.

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