Empire State


New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania



Largest City

New York City

Notable Citizens

O'Donovan Bloodline

After the secession of Texas in 1930, New York was the next state to begin considering independence. Threats from DC made it clear that rebellion so close to their own doorstep would be harshly punished, however, leaving the path forward unclear. New York found another option - recruiting Pennsylvania and New Jersey to join them in forming the Empire State. With this action, the collapse of the United States became an inevitable reality.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Two fierce rivalries dominate the Empire State's foreign relations, one industrial, one cultural. The Empire State is jealous of the sheer manufacturing power of the Industrial States of America, while the ISA is envious of New York's status as a trade hub and leading political power. Further abroad, the Empire State clashes with Hollywood over who will define the culture of North America after the United States' collapse, a war thus far fought primarily through propaganda and trade embargoes, but one that threatens to erupt one day. Meanwhile, Dixie to the south remains an unpredictable element, and Quebec to the north is a haven for pirates and bootleggers. The Empire State's relationships with the Maritime Provinces and Atlantic Coalition are mostly amiable, at least.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

Unsurprisingly, New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and easily boasts one of the five largest undead districts worldwide. This comes with a certain amount of Collegium influence in the area, not to mention the powerful Irish-American O'Donovan vampire bloodline. Al Mushtamir also has a modest presence in the area, although it is safe to assume that at least one agent from each magical tradition is at least passing through New York at any given time. That is to say nothing of the power of the (relatively) mundane Five Families, and other criminal elements which always seem to prosper in New York. Even dwarves, elves, and gnomes are fairly common in the city, and small elven communities are beginning to form in the forests of former Pennsylvania and upstate New York.