"Fair Folk" is a catch-all term for a variety of entities which arise directly from the natural world. They are of and in Earth's natural cycles, and impossible to separate entirely from them. This includes the leprechauns and fairies of Europe, Greek dryads and nymphs, the wendigo of the tundra, the jinn of the scorching deserts, and so on. In China and Japan, the term "kami" is used for the same set of entities. They are neither universally benevolent nor malevolent, but often unpredictable, tied to primal forces that many of the more civilized races have forgotten. Of course, some specific races of fair folk have stronger leans – rare is the tale of a helpful wendigo, for example.

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Main article: Dusks

As humanoid civilizations have grown and become more complex, they've developed their own sort of nature and ecology of emotions, interactions, and psychological states. From these, the dusks arose, a subset of fair folk with relationships to concepts like greed and lechery disturbingly similar to a nymph's bond to a stream.