Free Colorado

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Denver (Official) Sky Haven (Pirate)

Following the secessions of Deseret and the People's Collective, Colorado seemed stuck with two equally distasteful choices. Supporting the Federal government was clearly a doomed path, but absorption by either of its more powerful neighbors would involve a great deal of cultural imposition from groups with very little in common with Colorado's population. Thus, Colorado struck out for its own independence, and after defeating People's forces at the Battle of Julesberg, Free Colorado was formed. While initially formed with idealistic views of freedom and liberation, refugees from the Disputed Western Territories, non-Mormons fleeing Deseret, and "undesireables" from the People's Collective soon flooded the new nation. Between this new population of those willing to work outside the law and being surrounded by dry nations, bootlegging and raiding have become major backbones of the coloradan economy. The domestic government is largely non-interventionist in its approach.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Deseret is the primary target of many of Colorado's less-than-legal activities, though the People's Collective deals with its share of Colorado-based smugglers and pirates. Navajo Territory has recently put bounties on the heads of Free Colorado's most successful smugglers, and the border with Texas is beginning to heat up as well. Whereas Texas is actively aggressive towards other countries, Free Colorado simply doesn't care enough to avoid offending. Further abroad, it maintains healthy relationships with the wet nations of Appalachia, Dixie, and Hollywood.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

While the Sentinels occasionally consider establishing a formal office to battle dark things stalking the heights of the Rockies, the lack of organization in Free Colorado has thus far dissuaded any serious attempt. There are rumors of occasional lone wandering Qigong students making their way east from Hollywood, but none have thus far been confirmed. Otherwise, Colorado has proven to be an excellent training ground for sages, with a disproportionately high number of North America's admittedly small population of native sages coming from the treacherous cliffs. Demographically, Colorado is less a cultured melting pot and more an apathetic grab-bag: you can find individuals from nearly any race or culture here, so long as it produces those on the greyer side of the law.

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