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United Fruit Co.Edit

For over 30 years now, the American United Fruit Company has been a major power in Guatemala. Currently based in Boston, Atlantic Coalition, that nation's focus on trade and loose governance has only allowed the UFC to increase its power. Whether via bribery or coercion, most of Guatemala's government officials and police are in the company's pocket, all at great expense to the common people. As new technologies allow for larger shipping loads, exploitation has increased, particularly with cost-cutting measures designed to deal with the ever-complex system of tariffs between the former states. While it has largely relied on the corruption of local forces to maintain security, rumors have spread that UFC-funded paramilitary or mercenary forces may soon enter the region.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

Perhaps even more so than Mexico, Guatemala feels the influence of the Mayan cultures to this day. Suukya' Taawa and the Banister School vie over ancient temples, while shamans trained in the old ways can still be found deep in the jungle. Of late, however, the indigenous peoples of Guatemala have had a larger menace in the United Fruit Co., and even the Banisterites seem willing to ease off in the face of such a threat to the region.

Guatemala is largely human and epesi, with a sizable elven minority among the indigenous groups. While the UFC has considered bringing in gnomish workers, the cost of importing a new laborer population has generally seemed to outweigh the benefit.