Maritime Provinces


Maine, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, Vermont, parts of Quebec





As the collapse of the United States continued into 1931, the states of New England were faced with difficult choices. The Empire State was eager to absorb them, of course, while Quebec was more disdainful than anything. Attempts were made to unite the states against the hegemony of the Empire State, but internal bickering led to the creation of two states: the Maritime Provinces in the extreme Northeast, and the Atlantic Coalition to the South. The Maritime Provinces maintain the largest seaborne navy of any of the former United States, and their economy is a mix of fishing, shipping, and naval mercenary work.

Foreign RelationsEdit

While the Maritime Provinces and Atlantic Coalition remain relatively friendly, there is a tense undercurrent unlikely to resolve itself without further trouble. The Atlantic Coalition, along with Columbia and Dixie, have mixed feelings about the Maritime Provinces: while they provide an alternative to the Empire State and bolster the region's overall coastal defenses, their forces will also join anyone willing to pay. Their emphasis on shipping has led to friction with Quebec, naturally.

Demographics and MagicEdit

While much of North America was "conquered" by the early settlers, the forests of Maine and New Brunswick remain in some ways staunchly wild. The presence of unusual wolves and darker beasts besides has led to a Sentinels office in Portland, whose presence is greatly appreciated by the loggers and fishers of the region. While eager groups of elves have attempted to settle new sanctuaries in these lands, none seem to have succeeded - or, if they have, the rumors of feral elves in the deep forest imply that these excursions did not go according to plan. Otherwise, the region has a fairly standard mix of humans and epesi, with only rare individual dwarves and gnomes.

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