Artist: Daarken
Species Mummy (Unknown, likely Human)
Affiliations Legion of the Damned
Age Unknown (Claimed to be at least 2000)

Aliases Unknown

Like many of the notable undead of the world, the origins of the mummy called "Nefer" are shrouded in mystery. He claims to be a forgotten pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, predating Ptolemy's influence, though this would make him well over 2000 years old. What is known for sure is that the first definite record of this particular Nefer, as opposed to any other, emerged in the early 17th century fighting in the Middle East during various revolts against the Ottoman Empire, though it is not clear for which side he fought. Evidence of Nefer remains scant for roughly the next 100 years, until the Legion of the Damned revealed itself more openly during the War of Spanish Succession. At this point, Nefer was already well-established as a leader within the company. He has continued to fight with the Legion for most of the last 200 years, and if he has ever taken a furlough, there is no record of it. Nefer typically involves himself in conflicts spanning Asia Minor, Europe, and Northern Africa, but has been known to fight farther from his presumed homeland when the money was right. He is known to be a friend of the sometimes-Legion member and mercenary Heinrich Mordson.