British Columbia, Oregon, Washington


South Vancouver

Largest City




Following California's secession in 1930 and the encroaching lawlessness of the Disputed Western Territories, the states of the Pacific Northwest began to consider their options. When Canada collapsed in 1931, the decision became clear, and Oregon and Washington joined British Columbia to form the new nation of Pacifica. Though widely considered one of the more peaceful nations of North America, focused on trans-Pacific trade and technological innovation, the presence of Boeing Aviation means Pacifica is not to be underestimated.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Pacifica's most volatile relationship is with Hollywood, and their clash over control of the border region has not settled over the last five years. More recently, the Russian civil war has bled over into Alaska and threatens Pacifica's northern extents. Pirates and raiders from the Disputed Western Territories  (and indeed, those internally based in the Cascades and Olympic Mountains) remain an intermittent, if unorganized, problem.

Magic and DemographicsEdit

Suukya' Taawa remains active with the various Native American groups of the area, and al Mushtamir has a small, but notable, presence in the universities of Pacifica as well. Given its combination of lush forests and craggy mountains, Pacifica is one of the more tempting areas of North America for elven and dwarven immigrants. This, along with a generally open attitude, strong economy, and good education system, have created one of the more diverse countries of North America.

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