Rogues are found everywhere in the world, and while you might expect them to be more common in urbanized regions, their skill sets prove useful even in wilder climes. To quote the Legend core book:

"No two rogues are quite the same... Whether by nature or nurture, rogues develop a wide range of talents, though any given rogue has a preference for certain aspects of that spectrum. These unorthodox fighting styles make rogues dangerous and unpredictable opponents, and they often relish in their enemies’ confusion. A rogue’s vast arsenal of tricks means they can keep their enemies guessing until the final blow. Some rogues like to make elaborate plans, but most play it fast and loose, relying on their famous luck when everything goes sour."

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Given the innate diversity of rogues, every race boasts impressive individuals within this class. That said, certain trends do stand out. Unsurprisingly, elves excel as Assassins and Swashbucklers, particularly when their mental ability bonus is used to line up with I am Ten Ninjas or Fortune's Friend. Demo Men are exceedingly rare among elves due to its focus on modern technology and a perceived lack of grace, though integrated elves fascinated by human technology sometimes follow this path. Acrobatic Adept, despite the name, does not mesh well with an elf's natural abilities.

Dwarves may not fit the iconic image of a rogue, but in fact, Demo Man/Acrobatic Adept very naturally plays to a dwarf's strengths. In addition, the dwarven inclination towards technology (though not present in all dwarven cultures) makes this an appealing option for many. Zhadii are perhaps the least common of all rogues, though those that do pursue it find Acrobatic Adept's physical nature useful. Zhadi rogues are roughly equally split between Assassins and Swashbucklers, with Demo Man only really present in natives of Vasugu.

Epesi are, of course, natural rogues, particularly as Assassins and Swashbucklers. That said, Demo Men are not unknown among epesi (particularly in more technologically adept cultures), and their choice of defensive track more often reflects their cultural origin than their race. Gnome rogues are not particularly common, but many gnomes (even of other classes) do appreciate the abilities of Fortune's Friend. Offensively, gnome rogues vary, though Assassin and Demo Man are more common. Humans may be found as any sort of rogue, depending on the region of the world one comes from.

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