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Savok was born of the academic tradition of Vasugu. When the clergy of Kra began to come together to discuss theology and philosophy, they developed academic communities, which eventually evolved into broader universities studying not only religious topics but also the natural sciences. Along this process, magical studies were incorporated, and Savok was created. While not the only form of magic studied, it became dominant, in no small part due to the importance of alchemists for the gunpowder industry Vasugu increasingly relied on to defend itself against Ragosh. In the modern era, while shamans are certainly studied at universities as well, they are more subjects of research than investigators themselves, and all tacticians trained in Vasugu learn Savok. Interestingly, it is worth noting that many of the texts for the other magical styles which were experimented with still exist in university libraries.

Organization and StyleEdit

All study of Savok begins within the university, though the paths its practitioners take after graduating vary. Many go into industry either as alchemists or smiths, creating chemicals, weapons and armor for the Vasugu military. A smaller percentage work in civilian technology, examining the possibility of enchanted agricultural tools or building materials. Others stay within academia, either as teachers, researchers, or both, educating the next crop of mages and developing novel compounds and enchantments. A rare few enter the military directly as combat mages, and these are highly treasured by the units lucky enough to have one assigned to them.

Savok's magic, while as capable in general tactician spellcasting as any school, focuses on the magic of materials and tools. Creating new items and compounds and enchanting that which is already created receive roughly equal focus in the school as a whole, though naturally most of its students specialize in one or the other. The vast majority of its practitioners have the Combat Alchemist track, True Mage track (fluffed as amulets or tokens given to their allies), or both. (Exelixi's Artificer track and DragoonWraith's Item Creation track may also be used to represent this form of magic).

Power Centers and Relations with Other TraditionsEdit

Native to Vasugu, Savok has not spread much within Australia, though a handful of practitioners can be found in the east plying their wares. Outside of the continent it is nearly unknown – the other tactician schools are aware of its existence, naturally, but as Savok does not compete with them for territory or students, they have no particular reason to interact with it. Enterprising members of al Mushtamir or the Collegium might be interested in integrating Savok's magic with their school's own, of course...