"Sorcerer" is, in many ways, less a class itself and more a catch-all term for a variety of exceptional individuals who do not seem to fall neatly into any other established category. All tend to be more skilled in their mental and spiritual aspects than physical, but even this is not a hard and fast rule - some "sorcerers" almost appear to be monks in battle. Magically enhanced warriors, primal masters of the elements, summoners of eldritch spirits, dread witches with hexes and brews, and barely comprehensible magically mutated abominations - all these, and more, could potentially fall under the general umbrella of sorcery. In general, such innate or learned abilities are so rare as to barely register to the rest of the world, though some particularly conservative members of groups such as the Collegium views sorcerers as a disturbing perversion of "proper" magic.

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