Tacticians are, in many ways, the most traditionally wizardly of all the mages of this world. They consult ancient tomes and obscure formulae, using careful study to find new ways to exploit natural laws for their own benefit. That said, tacticians fall into a number of distinct schools, and every scholarly tradition has its own lessons to teach.

Schools and TraditionsEdit

Given the very academic nature of tactician magic, it is nearly impossible to discover entirely on one's own. (This may make you wonder how the style of magic first arose, and indeed, there are countless legends relating to exactly this question). Over the millenia, this has resulted in this powerful knowledge being concentrated in only a handful of schools, restricting access to those who meet the often strict admission criteria of at least one of these magical universities. Tactician traditions vary widely from the academic approach of al Mushtamir to the pratical monster-slaying of the Sentinels, but none offer their teachings lightly. The only known tacticians outside of these organizations are those native to elven Sanctuaries, which are generally taught in a one-on-one master-apprentice relationship.



Tacticians are more restrained in their skill selection than many other classes, given their automatic access to all knowledge skills. At the same time, this can be freeing - all of the skills directly relevant to the tactician's primary combat role have already been selected, allowing the character to freely choose skills that appeal for other reasons. Perception is of course useful for those studying strange anatomy and bizarre monsters, while Vigor meshes nicely with the high constitution found in tacticians, but such decisions vary dramatically by individual.


Long-lived, insightful, and hardy, dwarves are in many ways the "tactician's tactician." Indeed, dwarves can be found in every tactician school other than Savok, including a small representation of Rift Valley dwarves in Suukya' Taawa. Depending on their individual origin, leans vary: Carpathian dwarves often join the Sentinels, while those born in the Apennines tend towards al Mushtamir (or even the Collegium).

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