Artist: ~ProdigyDuck

While technically a Tactician school, it would be incorrect to view the Thule Society in the same light as Suukya' Taawa or The Collegium. The Thule Society is firmly an arm of the Nazi government, whether training young warmages for military use, studying the potential risks of Jewish Kabbalah, or delving into the "magical past" of the Aryan race.


Founded in 1911, the Thule Society began as a relatively minor occult group in Munich and the surrounding areas. When the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (the precursor to the NSDAP) was created in 1919, noted Thule members Anton Drexler and Karl Herrer were among the founding members. 



Relation to Other TraditionsEdit

Generally speaking, the Thule Society has no particular relations to other traditions, given its existence as a political and military rather than academic body. They do sometimes clash with the Banister School when searching for ancient magic.

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