Truename magic has never been a dominant tradition of the world, but seems to be a constant feature, or at least, a constant possibility. A group or individual will discover it, and expand on it, and in good cases their studies may pass down through three or four generations, and then the thread tapers out for whatever reason. Some of Plato's students are known to have definitely explored the connection between names and forms, though few of their writings survive. Work in China on the Celestial Bureaucracy's proper title for every aspect of existence was largely supplanted by Qigong. Most of the tactician schools have the facilities to train a truenamer if a student wishes to explore it, but it seems to rarely come up in practice. More recently, Saussure's work on semiotics has led to a very academic rebirth of truenaming magic (and interestingly, one entirely separate from the other academic magical traditions of the world).